We celebrate 10 years on Valentines Day

Today, we are in the Nottingham Post as we celebrate 10 years in business on Valentines Day! We are very proud of Chameleon and all that we have achieved over the last 10 years. Our last year has been our most successful since we opened in 2006 and we hope to have many more. 

We'd just like to say a quick thank you to all our clients too! 

See the Nottingham Post article here... http://www.nottinghampost.com/Chameleon-Design-Print-celebrates-years-business/story-28692794-detail/story.html


The Power of Print Marketing


With the rise of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) one of the many questions that we hear on the grapevine is 'Is Print Dead?'. The answer is most definitely not. While many businesses have stepped away from using Printed Matter as a Marketing tool, it still is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business or products.

A print piece is a physical thing and can sit on someones desk or coffee table for a number of years. Engaging with existing customers and connecting with new ones is about finding ways to spark a conversation. Printed Material and Print Ads provide a method that promote your business and help conversations to start flowing.

Using Printed marketing creates a tighter bond with your customers. Sending them something in the post, whether it be a newsletter, a piece of direct mail or a brochure will encourage them to read it there & then rather than press delete or click off a website. Ask yourself, how many times have you deleted a marketing email because you haven't had time to read it or clicked off a website because a huge advert takes over the screen?

The matter of the fact is, Print marketing isn't dead. Everywhere we go, we see Printed Adverts on Billboards, we pick up Printed Magazines, we look at Print Ads whilst we sit on the tube or on the back of the bus in a traffic jam. Research has proven that The Power of Print' is very much alive.

- https://www.printing.com/uk/blog/

As humans, we instinctively crave things that are tangible, that we can touch and turn over in our hands and that’s something that a PC monitor or smartphone screen can ever really replicate. If you doubt this then ask yourself why you still carry around other people’s business cards, let alone why you spend so much time making sure that your own business card is perfect.
— http://www.businesswest.co.uk/blog/2015/11/03/is-print-marketing-really-dead

New Exhibition Products for 2016!

To kick start 2016, we have added some new products to our Exhibition Products range! These include a new iPad Stand with a graphic panel, a Screen Tower, the Foam Cube and the ever-so-popular SnapFrames. These will add that extra WOW factor to any event!

Below is a brief description of each product along with the link to where you can find out more. 

To enquire about any of the below, please email info@chameleon-designandprint.co.uk

Keep an eye out for more new products throughout January! 

Techno Space and Techno Space Deluxe - our latest stylish, light and cost effective iPad stands. They can be used as a low cost freestanding iPad display with the option to add a rollable graphic panel or a custom shape ridged graphic on the Deluxe model.


The Screen Tower won’t fail to draw a crowd. A commanding individual screen puts your presentation right into the heart of the action. Unlike stands and displays with multiple functions where the message can sometimes be diluted, the Screen Tower is built for the job of delivering your message exactly in the best position for that day. Added printed branding makes it the perfect way to tell your audience what your presentation is all about.


Foam Cube - Any colour, any design

Our custom cube beanbags are printed on high-quality waterproof polyester fabric. Printed using dye-sublimation transfer, which means you can have any colour, or printed design imaginable, giving you sharp images and vibrant colours.


Simple, Stylish Poster Display

Front-opening Snapframes for quick and easy poster change, indoor or outdoor use, change your message frequently without hassle or leave your poster secure for extended use. Snapframes offer a profession poster option for a progressive marketing campaign.


New Tracksuits for Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing...

We recently produced new tracksuits for the dancers at Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing in Windsor. We produced these with their logo on the back of the tracksuit jackets, on the top of the right leg and with their sponsors logo on the left chest of the tracksuit jacket.

We think they look super smart and they will be great to use at Dance Shows, Outdoor Events and Competitions. 

Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing are sponsored by Horler & Associates http://horler.co.uk/

We're looking for an Apprentice!

We've teamed up with Central College Nottingham and we're looking for someone to join our expanding team as an Administration Assistant Apprentice.

This role will cover elements of front of house and reception as well as providing office support for our busy team. During the apprenticeship, you will gain an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration Level 2.

The post-holder will, if they wish, have the opportunity to learn more about design and consultancy from the team as the role develops.

READ MORE or APPLY HERE: https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/632656

Southwell Dance School Showcase their new Uniform...

We recently produced Southwell Dance School's brand new Uniform for their Staff and Pupils. We used Print and Embroidery across Onesies, Hoodies, T-shirts, Joggers and Bags; all in their corporate colours - Navy & White. It's great to see how the uniform looks on all together and we have to say that the school will be looking super smart!! 

Southwell Dance School even had a professional photoshoot to showcase the new garments. This is a great way to show the parents and pupils how the uniform looks before they purchase.

See below for the images from the photoshoot...

Credits - www.southwelldanceschool.co.uk 
Image Credits - www.yorkshireportraits.co.uk

The Benefits of Promotional Clothing

This is a branding tool that can be used successfully within any business. Anywhere you go, your brand can be seen, whether it's walking through the supermarket, running errands or out visiting your clients. Quite frankly, you never know who you are going to bump into or who might see your branding on the back of your polo shirt or jacket...

We've had a makeover!

With our 10th Anniversary just around the corner (February 2016), we thought now would be the perfect time to get some new branding in place. We wanted something that was simple, clean and easy to use across our marketing material, website, social media and stationery, nothing too complicated and we think we have created just that! Our logo 'says what it does on the tin' and we have included our colourful paint bottle imagery across our stationery and branding too. We think this works well - a simple logo that can be used with a superb image!

We have also had a new lenticular image created using our Bottle Paint Spill Image which is very nearly finished - we can't wait to show you! Look out for our next blog post on the new Lenticular Prints...