Staff Spotlight: Get to know our Head of Graphic Design


As our Head of Graphic Design, Kelli works closely with our customers right from the beginning. Kelli makes sure that the process is smooth right from the initial concept through to the Final Printed Product. We caught up with Kelli to see how she became a graphic designer and what made her want to join such a creative industry...

What made you want to become a Graphic Designer?
I have always been creative since I can remember and thoroughly enjoy art and art history. From a young age I took a strong interest in both art & design, but writing is also in my nature. As I progressed through school I really focused on my art classes and Graphics product classes. I felt relaxed and comfortable and got lost in my own world whenever I was creating any art piece. It was at this time I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a job that I loved and my biggest passion was of course art and design so I decided to follow a path onto a Graphic Design career. I finished school with 12 high graded GCSE’s and both Art and Graphic Design were up there. I progressed through College and then University studying Graphic Design, Art and Creative Digital Media and finished my education studies with a BA Hons. 

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the Industry 8 years working both Freelance and in a professional environment.  

How long have you worked at Chameleon?
I have been with Chameleon for a year and a half now and I am truly loving it!

What did you do before you worked at Chameleon?
Before I became a member of the Chameleon family I worked for a printing company, who's core business was primarily large format. I was the only Graphic Designer there and it was indeed a learning curve. Working in a design studio was my goal when I completed college but working in a print environment proved invaluable.

I absorbed so much about the print industry which helped inform my design decisions and taught me how best to set up my design jobs for print to get the best outcome. Working directly in a print environment gave me a whole new learning experience and knowledge of the print and design world. This prepared me much more for the design studio as I have a great understanding on how printers expect work to be set up and opened up greater communications and comprehension.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Taking a concept, creating it, growing it, improving it and achieving it. 

I get so much satisfaction in delivering a client their realised concept, knowing it is my creativity, something within myself that put that smile on their face and gave a visual representation of the notion formed in their head.

I get paid to do what I love on a daily basis and I love how each and every day is different. One day I could be designing a logo, a food menu, video editing, web design, animation and illustration, sometimes all different projects in one day!

What is your favourite type of project to work on?
I enjoy all projects as they are all different and unique. I do love the projects that are required to be created from scratch, I love taking a client’s brief having the freedom to perceive that in my own way and to create something that hits their brief but maybe something that they were not expecting but that they love! I get great job satisfaction in making my clients happy. I have so much passion for my job and really do get rewarded for it.

What has been the most proudest moment of your career so far?
I have had many little proud moments that have really made me step back and appreciate where I am and the hard work I have put in. Seeing my designs in the public domain or whilst I am walking through the streets really makes me proud but I think my proudest moment was being asked to illustrate a children’s book cover and seeing it in Waterstones.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to work within the Creative Industry?
Be inspired! Practice! Get inspiration from everywhere around you, online, books, news, movies etc. Paint, draw, photograph, create, design!

Work hard and soak up as much knowledge as possible, read books, join art groups, and social media groups. Creativity is key to being a designer, the more you create the better the designer you will become.

Keep tabs on the design world, new books, new technology, visit museums and art galleries, inspiration comes from everything.

I love what I do. I worked hard and enjoyed every step throughout my career, both good and bad experiences, it teaches you and I am looking forward to the next steps of my career and where it will take me.