Vector Lite Modular Stand

Vector Lite Modular Stand


Vector Lite Exhibition Stands

Vector Lite is the latest innovation in exhibition displays. Design, customise and build your own unique stand using this simple and smart technology that supports a variety of media types.

The Vector Lite advantage

Design, customise, build and easily upgrade your very own unique exhibition stand using Vector Lite - an aluminium frame-system. Assembly is quick and easy. Simply connect the frame lengths together with simple Allen key configured connections. Frames are available in various widths in both straight and curved formats, allowing you to create endless configurations.

Frames can be stacked on top of each other to reach various heights (depending on configuration). Frames can also be effortlessly joined side-by-side due to a Joining Hook that allows panels to simply slide together. Larger frames are supplied with a support brace that fits between the two vertical frame sides, this ensures the frame remains strong and sturdy.

Complete your exhibition stand with graphics printed onto a choice of materials including foam-board, roll up vinyl or textile fabric. Frames can have front and back graphics attached if required.

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Getting the best out of Vector Lite

Vector Lite is ideal for smaller-style venue exhibitions such as hotels and small halls. It’s also great for educational or training environments as well as reception areas or museums.

Whilst Vector Lite is an extremely easy stand-system to use, we recommend that you take time to become familiar with how it works, so you can create the maximum impact at your event!

  • The maximum build-height for Vector Lite is 2500mm.*
  • Use a choice of media including rollable, rigid and/or fabric material
  • The maximum width of a back-wall plus flat feet is 3000mm.
  • Using returns and columns for support will allow you to build your stand wider.
  • If you use a TV on your stand, the maximum weight is 5kg/20-inch screen
  • Reduce costs by selecting from a library of standard components (see brochure pg4)

****** Build-height of 2500mm depends on configuration. Recommended maximum build-height for single panels is 2000mm.*

Build and grow your own unique Vector Lite

Vector Lite exhibition stands are impressively easy to put together whilst also offering maximum return on investment. The beauty of these Modular stands is that they are versatile, re-configurable and most importantly re-usable, giving you total freedom to recreate your stand time and again.

We have included a selection of stand designs below to help you appreciate the endless possibilities of Vector Lite and help you get creative to design your own stand that will impress any visitor. Check out the brochure for even more ideas as well as build instructions and accessories.

Don’t forget we have extensive design experience if you need help visualising a stand for your exhibition or you need any help creating stunning graphics to compete the look.