Cube Seat

Cube Seat


The solid polystyrene cube is encased in a zipped case enabling easy removal for cleaning or promotional changes.  The cube offers a large printable area and can include imagery such as photos, logos, text and graphics.  The 6 sides can hold the same message for 6x the impact or hold differing messages that can be displayed at varying times, and are printed using the latest technology –dye sublimation- to ensure vivid prints.  Colour matched and heat set your print is not just accurate but protected from colour runs and fades, making it machine washable.

Ideal for offices, reception areas, festivals and exhibitions, our cube seats are a multi functional display medium, doubling up as handy seats.

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  • Polystyrene block.
  • Firm polystyrene.
  • Removable zipped case.
  • 260gsm polyester FR.
  • Hard wearing.
  • Colour protected
  • Digitally printed through dye sublimation via paper transfer.
  • Colour matched (chargeable).
  • Full colour.
  • Printable imagery includes graphics, logos, text and photos.
  • Doubles up as a seat.
  • Sides can be printed with the same or differing imagery.
  • Machine washable.
  • Weight; 2.3kg.


Size; 50cms x 50cms x 50cms.