Silver Agency - Lightbulb Boxes



Silver contacted us to see if we could help with their Marketing campaign on behalf of DELL EMC. This project was to be in the form of a Lightbulb box that was to be sent out to employees of the IT industry around the world. 


  • The first step was to find a solution for the circuit board - we had to find something small enough to sit in the base of the box and also a magnet small enough to be hidden inside the packaging that would turn the lightbulb on inside the box as it opened and closed.

  • The second step was to source the Edison Lightbulbs as per the design on the artwork - this was a challenge to find them in the right size & for them to have the right fitting but we managed to source some especially for this project.

  • The third step was to produce the packaging in a suitable material that could be light enough for the packaging sides to to drop down when the lid was taken off but to also be produced in scuff proof material too. After producing many samples and making some tiny alterations, we created the perfect packaging.


There were lots of steps involved within this project to make up the completed end product. We made up all the Lightbulb boxes by hand and overall we produced approximately 700 Lightbulb Boxes! This is a how we produced the final end product:

  1. Produce & Print the Packaging

  2. Manufacture the Electrical Circuit

  3. Source the Lightbulbs

  4. Put it all together by hand using specialised white gloves

  5. Insert Personalised Letters

  6. Insert Personalised Business Cards

  7. Produce Outer Packaging for UK, European and International Shipping

  8. Sort and label each one to have personalised labels on

  9. Despatch around the Globe within the correct period of time

  10. Track & Monitor the Deliveries to ensure all deliveries had been made



Chameleon are a pleasure to work with. From initial concept, through to execution and review they’re ‘on it’. Where Chameleon really come into their own is through their wide breadth of industry experience coupled with their creative/persistent mindset when finding ‘the solution’. These solutions in the past have been some of the most weird and wonderful but we’ve always had a timely, high-quality product from them.

Highly recommend their services to anyone considering print/cardboard engineering support.
— Silver Agency