Heathers Dance Company


Heather contacted us to enquire about a new logo for her dance school, Heathers Dance Company. Her school opened in November 2015 and has rapidly grown since opening, therefore she wanted to invest in a better logo and acquire a stronger identity for her school.

Heather had a clear idea of what she wanted for her logo - she loved the idea of a circular design and wanted something that would be eye-catching and colourful. She also wanted to create a new uniform for her school, so we wanted to create a logo that would work perfectly on Printed matter as well as the uniform garments.

As per all of our design briefs, we design three to four logo's for our clients so they can compare and pick out certain parts from each design to combine one logo. After playing around with different colour combinations, we created the perfect logo for Heather and her school.

The school now has a professional looking logo which is the starting point for the branding and works perfectly alongside the uniform. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather on this project, and the uniform is most definitely one of our favourites that we have created!

Working with Lucie and Chameleon has been really great as we managed to work together to combine my ideas with Lucie’s experience and knowledge; this was so we could see which logo would work best for my school as well as on the uniform. The whole design process was very straightforward and enjoyable. We managed to find the perfect logo quite quickly. Lucie has been extremely helpful and was open to experimenting and trying out different colours and designs until I was happy with the final product. I am extremely happy with my logo and the uniform is fantastic. I look forward to working with Chameleon on future projects.
— Principle, Heather Smith Heathers Dance Company www.heathersdancecompany.co.uk