Arboretum Festival of Dance - Design and Print


We worked with The Arboretum Festival of Dance to produce all of their printed material for their first ever Dance Festival which they hosted in November 2017. The Dance Competition was held over two weekends in November and was situated at the prestigious and brand new £9million Nottingham Girls High School Performing Arts Centre, 'The Space'. 

We worked closely with the Arboretum team & committee to design and print a 40 page dance programme, over 1,000 personalised certificates and over 800 personalised adjudicator report cards. We have a lot of experience in how Dance Festivals operate, therefore we knew how the programme needed to be designed, along with how the certificates and report cards needed to look. 

The first ever Arboretum Festival of Dance was a huge success and we are sure the 2018 festival will be inundated with new competitor entries. We were honoured and pleased to be apart of the first ever Arboretum Festival of Dance, as well as being a sponsor too!