Pro-Lite Crest Banners

Pro-Lite Crest Banners


Our crest flags can be easily transported to events due to its compact size and does not require a great deal of room for set up. The flags are a cost effective way of promoting your business, making them ideal for small events such as fetes and fairs, clubs (such as scouts, guides etc) and small sporting events; such as support for local football teams.

We have a range of bases available, making our crest flags versatile for both outdoor and indoor use, so you need not worry about your event being rained indoors as our crest flags can be adapted (minus spike based flags) and our flags are small enough for indoor use. The shape of our lite crest flag is ideal for large text, logos and vertical imagery. They can be printed one sided (with a 90% show through mirrored) or printed both sides using one graphic repeated or 2 differing graphics. All feather flags are waterproof and easy set up and dismantle with a lightweight but sturdy pole.

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  • Base options;
    - Simple ground spike.
    - Rotating ground spike.
    - Small water filled base.
    - Large water filled base.
    - Cross base and water bag.
    - Drive on base.
    - Concrete base.
  • Printed imagery includes photos, logos, text and graphics.
  • Single print has 90% show through- images mirrored on reverse.
  • Double sided can be printed with differing images or the same image.
  • 115gsm knitted polyester.
  • Each flag ‘kit’ comes with Custom Printed Flag, Pole Kit, Pole Bag, Ground Stake.
  • Fibreglass pole
  • Withstands winds of 13-18mph (Beauford scale 4).
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy set up and dismantle.
  • Attached to pole via pocket and eyelet.
  • Colour Matched (chargeable).
  • Full colour.
  • Colour protected
  • Machine washable.
  • Printed via direct dye sublimation.



Small: 2.8m Height
- Pole length; 2800mm.
- Flag height; 2500mm
- Graphic size; 500mm x 1900mm

Medium: 3.4m Height
- Pole length; 3400mm.
- Flag height; 3100mm
- Graphic size; 600mm x 2600mm

Large: 4.5m Height
- Pole length; 4500mm.
- Flag height; 4100mm
- Graphic size; 7850mm x 3400mm

XLarge: 5.6m Height
- Pole length; 5600mm.
- Flag height; 5000mm
- Graphic size; 8500mm x 4000mm