Pro-Lite Concave Banners

Pro-Lite Concave Banners


Printed using the latest technology –dye sublimation, heat set and colour matched our prints are vividly accurate and protected from colour runs and fades. Our flags can be printed with a large range of imagery including photos, logos , text and graphics, and can be printed single sided, where your artwork will be viewable on reverse mirrored, or double sided, with the option of the same or differing artwork either side. Lightweight, our concave flag pole is easy to set up/ dismantle and comes with all fixtures and fittings including a carry bag to make storage and transportation to and around your event easier. 

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  • Printable imagery includes photos, logos, text and graphics
  • Single print has 90% show through so will be viewable on the reverse mirrored.
  • Double sided can be printed with the same or differing imagery.
  • 115gsm knitted polyester.
  • Fade resistant.
  • Colour protect.
  • Full colour.
  • Colour matched (chargable).
  • Kit includes custom printed flag, pole set, pole bag and ground stake.
  • Fibreglass pole.
  • Withstands winds of 13-18mph (Beauford scale 4).
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy set up and dismantle.
  • Attached to pole via pocket and eyelet.
  • Machine washable.
  • Printed via direct dye sublimation.
  • Base options;
    - Simple ground spike.
    - Rotating ground spike.
    - Small water filled base.
    - Large water filled base.
    - Cross base and water bag.
    - Drive on base.
    - Concrete base.


Small: 2.8m Height
- Pole length; 2500mm.
- Flag height; 2500mm
- Graphic size; 500mm x 1900mm

Medium: 3.4m Height
Pole length; 3400mm.
Flag height; 3100mm
Graphic size; 600mm x 2600mm

Large: 4.5m Height
Pole length; 4500mm.
Flag height; 4100mm
Graphic size; 800mm x 3400mm

XLarge: 5.6m Height
Pole length; 5600mm.
Flag height; 5000mm
Graphic size; 8500mm x 4400mm