Linear Column

Linear Column


Linear Columns are free-standing double sided display stands, which come as a graphic display, or with the option for internal lighting. The lighting option can be white or RGB lighting for added back lighting effect.

Our Linear Column comes in two sizes - slim and standard.
Slim - 1010 (h) x 380 (w) x 245 (d) mm
Standard - 1010 (h) x 640 (w) x 325 (d) mm

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With printed graphic panels either side, Linear Columns are great to attract extra attention at your exhibitions and events. Both are available with an option for an iPad display stand to be fitted to the column, and side mounted A4 brochure holders on the side profiles.

The frame is a Satin anodised aluminium frame which is both strong and lightweight and simply clips together. The top and base are made from MDF and are finished in either Birch, Black, White or Silver. The display flat-packs and can be assembled within 10minutes.


Linear Column [Slim]
Visual Area: (W) 252mm x (H) 970mm
Hardware: (W) 380mm x (H) x 1010mm (D) x 245mm
Weight: 4.3kg (lightbox option 5.7kg)

Linear Column [Standard]
Visual Area: (W) 497mm x (H) 970mm
Hardware: (W) 640mm x (H) x 1010mm (D) x 325mm
Weight: 7kg (lightbox option 7.95kg)