Lantern Banners

Lantern Banners


Lantern Banners are a new and unique indoor and outdoor display solution. Lantern Banner displays combine 360 degree visibility and movement.

The lantern has three panels, giving you the opportunity to have three different messages, or just make sure one message really gets noticed! From forecourt display to shopping centre promotions, from awards dinners to exhibition displays, from outdoor event branding to County Shows, the Lantern Banner is the new way to get your message across.

We offer Lantern Banners with a standard UV print, or our Glo Lantern which is printed using specific ink and material which allows the fabric to be back lit.  The Glo Lantern is illuminated from inside with a battery powered lighting unit.  An electric motor to rotate both Glo and Standard Lantern Banners when used indoors, is also available.

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Lantern Banner have have combinations of unique features:

  • Branding at 2m high is the perfect eye level to attract attention.
  • 3 panels ensures 360 degree coverage.
  • Unit designed to turn in the wind - movement catches attention and ensures 360 degree coverage.
  • Fabrics are interchangeable - no need to buy a whole new unit if the message changes.
  • Very easy to use - 30 seconds to put up and take down.


Width: 0.8m
Height of Display: 1.4m
Overall Height: 2m