Impact Original Pop Up Stands

Impact Original Pop Up Stands


Impact™ Original is the best selling display stand within the Zoom Display Impact™ range of pop up exhibition display stands. This is the most popular of our pop up displays, and is used by many of the UK’s leading brands. Precision engineered magnetic fittings ensure the panels locate to the correct position on the frame. Impact™ Original will be a trusted tool for any exhibition, promotion or roadshow.

When you need to set up your exhibition display stands quickly and easily, without a fuss, Impact™ Original is the perfect solution. This pop up display stand will promote your brand again and again, and is durable enough to withstand a busy exhibition calendar or roadshow.

Impact™ Original is a fully magnetic system designed to show a seamless graphic.

Designed for companies requiring high impact pop up display stands, Impact™ Original is available 2.67m wide (3x3) or 3.22m wide (4x3). Impact Original exhibition stands can be stored and transported in a range of wheeled cases, some of which can be converted into a podium.

The frame simply locks together upon opening, and our magnetic bars fit onto the frame in seconds. The graphic panels are pulled into place by the magnetic fittings giving you an unbroken image.

Flexibility Guaranteed

Impact™ Original framework comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving you full confidence that this Pop Up display system will give you years of service. Heavy duty folding magnetic bars makes set up and take down a breeze. Impact Original comes in three different widths and is available as a curved or straight frame. The frame comes with fittings as standard for graphic panels to be fitted to the rear of this pop up frame for a 360 degree exhibition display.

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  • Magnetic self locking device makes frame assembly quick and easy
  • New magnetic fittings on bars make for simple set up
  • Magnetic graphic fittings eliminate unsightly panel hooks
  • Designed for seamless display
  • Reinforced frame for a busy events calendar
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on hardware
  • High Impact graphic panels supplied in individual sleeves
  • Option to fit LCD screens
  • Setup within 10 minutes


4x3 curved
Weight: 31kg
(W) 3.07m x (H) x 2.25m (D) x 0.97m

4x3 straight
Weight: 31kg
(W) 3.50m x (H) 2.25m x (D) 0.32m

3x3 curved
Weight: 25kg
(W) 2.54m x (H) 2.25m x (D) 0.71m

3x3 straight
Weight: 25kg
(W) 2.75m x (H) 2.25m x (D) 0.32m

2x3 curved
Weight: 18kg
(W) 1.92m x (H) 2.25m x (D) 0.51m

2x3 straight
Weight: 18kg
(W) 1.97m x (H) 2.25m x (D) 0.32m