Impact Modular Stand

Impact Modular Stand


This is a popular option for our customers that want to take the first step into large adaptable modular systems but don’t have the budget flexibility or can’t afford to loose the portability of the smaller back drops they have used in the past.

The Impact Modular is an advanced portable system which takes small back-drop system technology and pushes what you can do with the concept to new heights, available with many simple features usually only seen in high end modular modular systems. Monitor holders, end panel lighting, internal and external showcase shelving, variable heights, private storage areas even frame modifications and fully adaptable graphics that make the display adaptable to future events for years to come.

The simple cost effective additions take your small displays to Modular heights without loosing any of the basic principles of our low cost portable systems. Unlike high-end modular which may take time, people and large transport vehicles to move and build, the Impact Modular comes with its own wheeled case for each section and the whole system can be packed away and transported into just a few of those containers making it cost effective and easy to move, even to send overseas.

Impact Modular will really take you from mini popup to large scale modular professionalism in one easy stride.

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  • Cost effective - make the modular step on a pop-up budget
  • Portable - Unlike Modular systems that can have several packages per component, the Impact Modular can break down and transport in a few wheeled cases
  • Modular - parts can be taken on and off frame system to make a fully modular display with different widths and heights
  • Curved or flat ends, curved or flat walls, variable heights can be achieved
  • Optional fittings - TV holders, shelving, lighting
  • 3D drawing service available - plan before you buy

Download the Impact Modular Brochure here...