House Builder Flags

House Builder Flags


Our house builder flag poles are available in one or two piece sets and come in a choice of two sturdy metals, and sizes which can withstand wind speeds of up to 40mph.  Not only suitable for house developments as the name suggests, these flags are also commonly used on other building/ construction sites, and are an ideal way of advertising the company and /or builds.  Excellent pricing for clubs and organisations who need a quality cheap flagpole.  

Complete with a heavy duty swivel arm and weight our house builder flag pole sets ensure the flag is always on display even in little or no wind. A PVC ground sleeve is concreted into the ground which slots into the flagpole when ready to erect, ensuring your flag and flagpole stay upright even in the harshest of conditions. Suitable only for a portrait flag our house builder flags are hemmed and then finished with a choice of either, rope and toggle, eyelets or pocket. Printed via direct dye sublimation our house builder flags are striking and long lasting with colour deep set via heat meaning they are also water resistant.

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  • Fibreglass or aluminium poles available.
  • 115gsm polyester material
  • Poles available as one or two piece. 
  • Digitally printed via dye sublimation.
  • Colour protected.
  • Withstand winds of up to 40mph.
  • Flies portrait flags only.
  • Includes swivel arm, weight, sleeve, flag and flag joint.
  • Rotates.
  • Single sided print- Image mirrored on reverse.
  • Double sided print- same or differing artwork can be used.
  • Colour matched (chargeable).
  • Full Colour.
  • Outdoor use only.
  • Available with eyelets, rope and tug or pocket.
  • Printed artwork includes photos, logos, graphics and text.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Vibrant print.
  • Flag is machine washable.


Poles sizes:
- 6m (h) x 60mm (d) (Glass fibre- one piece).
- 6m (h) x 60mm (d) (Aluminium- one or two piece)
- 6m (h) x 100mm (d) (Glass fibre- one piece).
- 8m (h) x 76mm (d) (Aluminium- two piece).

100cms (w) x 200cms (h).