Formulate System

Formulate System


Innovation in portable display stands

Formulate fabric displays can be built as a combined system that creates a truly unique exhibition stand, giving you a 3D feeling with subtle positioning of additional panels. Formulate Systems really produce an visually stunning and eye catching display.

Combine the unique shapes to fit your design and exhibition space. Available single or double sided, the fabric system offers seamless printing that’s easy to build and folds neatly away during transportation. The graphics fit snugly around the strong yet light aluminium frame system.


Create a 3D effect

Formulate has three optional additions that can be used to create a 3D effect. These include an angled, curved ladder and trapezium column which fits to the front of the frame. These will enable any exhibitor to have a unique display stand which will help you to stand out, amongst other exhibitors.

Formulate Standalone

Used in conjunction with the full formulate range of fabric display systems you can add to your display with a full range of unique shapes and visual solutions. This is a stand that can truly grow with your brand!

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Horizontal Curve
(W) 2845mm x (H) 2340mm x (D) 600mm
Weight 8.4kg

Vertical Curve
(W) 2900mm x (H) 2340mm x (D) 350mm
Weight 8.48kg

(W) 2900mm x (H) 2300mm x (D) 605mm
Weight 7.1kg

(W) 2900mm x (H) 2300mm x (D) 605mm
Weight 7.1kg

(W) 1575mm x (H) 1140mm x (D) 365mm
Weight 3.43kg