Formulate Arches

Formulate Arches


Make your entrance with the Formulate range of fabric arches, three amazing configurations to really make your mark at any event or retail space.

Starting with the 2.7m model, the smallest in the family but by no means the least impressive. Sturdy wide base and fabric valance, the 2.7m Arch has ample space for innovative artwork.

The 6m Arch is the ideal structure to use in large retail spaces and exhibition events. With a total height of around 4m and a huge 6m surface to print on you’ll make an impressive mark on any space.

If you really want to be remembered the 6m Triple Arch is a cavernous structure comprising of three 6m wide arches joined in a unique rib configuration. Eye catching and unique, this is an exhibition stand, which is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly fast to assemble.

All models are made with the same 32mm aluminium tube frame system, which is incredibly light and easy to construct. Simply construct the frame and slip over the extra durable, stretchy graphics to create the stand. Incorporate the Formulate Universal Accessories, to add shelves, literature holders and iPad holders to your stand and embrace the full Formulate range to add complimenting display stands, tables and counters.

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2.7m Dimensions
2300mm (H)
2700mm (W)
1000mm (D)
Weight - 12kg

6m Dimensions
3975mm (H) 
6000mm (W) 
1000mm (D)
Weight - 25.5kg

6m Triple Dimensions
3975mm (H) 
6000mm (W) 
5000mm (D)
Weight - 82kg


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