Formulate Straight Walls

Formulate Straight Walls



Tall and imposing, the Monolith fabric displays are guaranteed to grab your attention. Available in four widths and seated on a heavy metal base, the Formulate Monoliths promote a strong brand image. As the name suggests, these monolithic structures demand your attention; tall and broad, the fabric graphic hides the lightweight and portable structure beneath. Constructed from 32mm aluminium tube, the Monolith is a great alternative to more traditional banner stands.

Formulate Straight

The versatile Formulate Straight Fabric Display makes an ideal back wall or dividing wall ensuring a dynamic and attractive exhibition spaces. The Straight Fabric Display with its large print area provides ample space for artwork to be showcased. As with all the formulate range the structure can be quickly built, it’s a incredibly portable exhibition companion.

Straight Slope

This Straight Slope fabric display makes an ideal dividing wall or back wall. Tapering gently from left to right (or vice versa depending on your design) adds an angular dimension to a display or stand. This product is really versatile and reusable. Simply order a new graphic and use the same structure to create countless display wall options.  

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  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Manufactured from strong 32mm aluminium tube
  • Components labeled with matching symbols for easy assembly
  • Packs away into a fabric carry bag
  • Easy care washable graphic


Formulate Monolith Fabric Display:
2280mm (h) x 650mm (w) x 250mm (d)
Weight 12kg
2280mm (h) x 955mm (w) x 250mm (d)
Weight 15kg
2280mm (h) x 1240mm (w) x 250mm (d)
Weight 20kg
2250mm (h) x 1544mm (w) x 250mm (d)
Weight 24kg

Formulate Straight Fabric Display:
2280mm (h) x 2438mm (w) x 480mm (d)
Weight 6kg
2280mm (h) x 3048mm (w) x 480mm (d)
Weight 7.5kg
2280mm (h) x 6096mm (w) x 480mm (d)
Weight 11kg

Formulate Slope Fabric Display:
1830 to 2280mm (h) x 3048mm (w) x 480mm (d)
Weight 7.5kg
1830 to 2280mm (h) x 6096mm (w) x 480mm (d)
Weight 10kg