Commercial Flag Poles

Commercial Flag Poles


Our wind dancer flags are not just eye catching due to the vibrant print but gracefully dance in movement immediately drawing the eye, making them perfect for advertising at any events.  

Our wind dancers will add colour and excitement to any occasion, and despite the name remain fully open even if there is no wind; meaning they are also suitable for indoors. Portable (comes with oxford carry bag) and light weight our wind dancers have stabilising legs and a hollow plastic base that can be filled with water or sand to ensure the flag stays grounded. This base splits into 4 segments, with each segment having its own bung to add water or sand, so you can choose how much weight you wish to have at the base.   We can print our wind dancers double sided or alternatively print just one side as our flags have a 90% transfer, meaning the image would be mirrored on the reverse of the flag. Easy to construct and dismantle our flags are printed via dye sublimation and set with heat, meaning they are water resistant and won’t run noticeably in bad weather. 

Available in 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m


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  • If you require any other sizes please call us.
  • Material; Heavy duty glass fibre.
  • Extra heavy duty and Ultra heavy duty poles available for windy locations.
  • Wind speeds;
    - Heavy duty: Flagged- 30mph.
    - Heavy Duty: Un-flagged- 100mph.
    - Extra Heavy duty: Flagged- 35mph.
    - Extra Heavy duty: Un-flagged- 100mph.
    - Ultra heavy duty: Flagged- 40mph.
    - Ultra heavy duty: Un-flagged-100mph.
  • Suitable in exterior use.
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings.
  • Can be flown with double or single sided flags.
  • Rotating truck and saddle included.
  • High gloss gel coat finish.
  • Colours;
    - White.
    - Bespoke colours available (coloured to RAL reference).


Weight (with all steelwork included);
- Heavy duty: 21kg (6m), 25kg (8m), 38kg (10m), 48kg (12m)
- Extra Heavy duty: 26kg (6m), 31kg(8m), 46kg(10m), 58kg(12m)
- Ultra heavy duty: 31kg (6m), 38kg(8m), 54kg(10m), 67kg(12m)

Flag pole width;
- Butt diameter: 12cms (7-8m), 14cms (9-12m)
- Top diameter: 6.5cms (all lengths)

Pole wall thickness;
- Heavy duty: 3mm (6-8m), 4mm (9-10m), 5mm (11-12m).
- Extra heavy duty: 4mm (6-8m), 5mm (9-10m), 6mm (11-12m).
- Ultra heavy duty: 5mm (6-8m), 6mm (9-10m), 7mm (11-12m).