Car Flags

Car Flags


Our Car flags are an inexpensive method of promoting your company, teams, or clubs.  Despite their small size our car flags can create one of the largest impacts, as they travel with you.  This means you can advertise in more areas thus garnering more attention and promotional opportunities.

Our car flags are colour protected to prevent colour fades and runs, M1 fire rated and will stay upright in high winds whilst driving.  The car flags can be colour matched (chargeable) to create accurate, photorealistic prints.   Print can been seen on both sides of flags; 90% show through single sided flags or print both sides on double sided flags and can be used as a hand held flag as well as car flag, due to easy attachment and de-attachment to vehicles. 

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  • Produced in 10’s.
  • Sturdy clip to attach to car
  • 115gsm Polyester.
  • Digital print via dye sublimation.
  • Unbreakable white pole.
  • Pole- 45cms
  • M1 fire rated.
  • Colour protected.
  • Single sided print, with 90% show through.
  • Stitching and clip holds flag to pole.
  • Can also be used as a hand held flag.
  • Machine washable.
  • Single sided prints have a 90% show through.
  • Double sided prints can have the same or differing artwork either side.
  • Printable branding includes logos, slogans, text and graphics.


Size: 470mm x 450mm
Graphic Size; 470mm x 300mm.