Backpack Flag

Backpack Flag


Our Backpack flags are an easy way to advertise your company/event whilst on the move in crowded areas.  Unlike a grounded flag the backpack flag allows you to advertise your business in prime customer spots, at varying times of the day; you can move with the crowd.  A quick and effective way to advertise with more viewing opportunity.  

This pack consists of a black back pack, custom printed flag and pole.  Light weight with supportive and padded straps on back pack for added comfort.  Printed via dye sublimation the backpack flag is colour protected to prevent colour fades and runs, whilst our colour match technology ensures a accurate, photorealistic print.  

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  • Pole comprised of 4 parts.
  • Digital print via direct dye Sublimation.
  • Colour protected.
  • 2 fibre glass and 2 Aluminium pole parts.
  • 115gsm knitted polyester flag.
  • Double sided banner design available with differing or mirror print each side.
  • Single sided flags have a 90% show through on reverse.
  • Weight; 0.9 KG.
  • Adjustable bag; waist belt helps support weight on back.
  • Back pack has 2 mesh pockets, suitable for drinks and snacks for all day events.
  • Full Colour
  • Easy to assemble, with step by step instructions.
  • Colour matched (chargeable).


Rectangle: 51cms x 83cms.
Feather: 52cms x 135cms
Teardrop: 55cms x 113cms