Angled Wall Flag

Angled Wall Flag


Traditionally used to advertise restaurant, pubs, hotels and embassy buildings, our angled wall flags are extremely rampant in populated areas.   

Available in 4 sizes, we have an angled wall flag to suit any sized building.  Comprised of white aluminium poles and custom printed 115gsm knitted polyester our sturdy flags are able to withstand wind speeds of up to 30mph, are easy to erect and suitable for permanent or semi-permanent flag fixtures.  Digitally printed using the latest technology –dye sublimation- our flags are colour matched to ensure an accurate finished product and are heat set to prevent colour runs and fades.  We are able to print a range of imagery including logos, text, graphics and photos, both single sided (90% show through mirrored on reverse) and doubled sided, where you can use the same or differing artwork either side of your flag.  All flagpoles are supplied with your custom printed flag banner, cleat and roping system, finial and a 45o bracket fixture.


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  • Pole diameter- 60mm.
  • Materials;
    - Flag banner: 115gsm knitted polyester.
    - Pole: Aluminium.
    - Brackets: galvanised steel.
  • 45 degree angle.
  • White pole and finial.
  • Can withstand 30mph wind speeds.
  • External rope and cleat.
  • Digitally printed through dye sublimation via paper transfer.
  • Colour match technology (chargeable).
  • Machine washable.
  • Full colour print
  • Colour protect to prevent colour runs and fading.
  • Printed imagery includes logos, photos, graphics and text.
  • Kit includes printed flag banner, finial, pole and cleat.
  • Easy set-up/ dismantle.
  • Exterior usage.
  • Single sided print has 90% show through on reverse mirrored.
  • Doubles sided prints can use the same or differing imagery.
  • Semi-permanent or permanent flag fixture.


Sizes available:
- 1m, 
- 1.5m
- 2m
- 2.5m