The Benefits of Promotional Clothing

This is a branding tool that can be used successfully within any business. Anywhere you go, your brand can be seen, whether it's walking through the supermarket, running errands or out visiting your clients. Quite frankly, you never know who you are going to bump into or who might see your branding on the back of your polo shirt or jacket. 


Ergo Computing using Promotional Clothing on their Exhibition Stand at BETT 2015

The Benefits

This is any easy way to get your company name out there and if your team have a branded uniform, you can look super smart and professional! 

Who said you only have to put your company logo on clothing? You can use clothing to promote an event or a special offer that you might have in the pipeline. Below is one of our clients, Ergo Computing using Promotional Clothing on their exhibition Stand. These were branded up with their company logo on the front and a promotional message on the back.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits of adding your brand to clothing:

  • A professional looking team
  • Staff that are recognisable whilst out and about 
  • Gets the word out about your company & could provide a conversation starter
  • If you are exhibiting at an event, visitors will easily recognise your staff


How to Brand your Business using Clothing

The main thing to remember when choosing promotional clothing for your company is that it needs to suit your company's image. If your logo contains Black & Green (take our logo for an example) then you wouldn't put this on a random coloured Red T-shirt as this will confuse the image you are trying to present. It is best to stick with a colour that works well with your corporate colours, e.g. we use Black (like the below)

Embroidery and Print is what is used on garments to get your message across. The choice is entirely up to you, embroidery is usually longer lasting and a lot more durable than print but embroidery does look superb, especially on simple left chest designs. It also depends on what garments you are thinking of putting them on too. Embroidery is best for polos, whereas Print is better for T-shirts as these tend to be thinner and embroidery machines could pull the fabric. Print is cheaper than embroidery so if cost is a significant factor, then this option is for you. Print is also used to showcase bigger designs that need to stand out from a distance.

Another thing to think about is what sort of clothing will be best for your employees? Will they be wearing them daily or occasionally for events? Items being worn daily will need to be durable and easy to wash. Also think about what sort of clothing will suit your company? If you are a sports company then you might want to go with more casual items; maybe a polo and a Hoodie. If you are presenting a more professional image, then a branded shirt would work well.

There is lots of things to think about when looking at Promotional Clothing. Luckily we are here to help and always give our clients the advice they need to get them started. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss your clothing ideas, we have a wide range of clothing available and also a large portfolio on our website that will give you some inspiration. 

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